Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Summer 2014

dilmunlana bellandbird erstwhilejewelry marissanaples heartofsolidgold hsternofficial fellowsauctions levi_higgs sunnysbondjewelry melissajoymanning randimolofsky sofiakaman ericaweiner bellflowerbay

dilmunlana outfitted in Cartier, Chanel and an incredible enamel antique bracelet

bellandbird scores a 200 year old portrait miniature, a lady with little birds

erstwhilejewelry primps and polishes to match a Victorian onyx and diamond ring

marissanaples is all about jewel tones, both in jewelry and fashion

heartofsolidgold spotted the most unique hand clasp, it even is wearing a ring

hsternofficial I’m obsessed with these diamond star rings from H. Stern

fellowsauctions had this really cool 1970s textured gold ring up for auction a few months ago

levi_higgs doing what he does best at David Webb 

sunnysbondjewelry just debuted a collection of antique engagment and wedding rings

melissajoymanning has a fun personal collection of rings–love the coin ring!

randimolofsky knows how to accessorize a dog–Gemfields emeralds and gold

sofiakaman shows how to mix antique with new, love the antique jewelry box

ericaweiner overflowing with Egyptian-revival jewelry

bellflowerbay playing with some lovely jewels from her Etsy shop