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SHOW ME YOUR RINGS! Couture Edition! #LoveGold

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Four years ago, I started the SHOW ME YOUR RINGS project and it is one of my favorite parts of Gem Gossip. Going to jewelry shows and events has prompted people of the industry to run up and “show me their rings.” It is such a fun icebreaker, and as soon as everyone starts talking about each ring they are wearing, a bond is immediately formed.  Jewelry can speak volumes.  

Going to the Couture Show in Vegas is like the Olympics of Jewelry, where I stack on the best-of-the-best from each designer I visit, and snap an epic photo.  It is especially fun to see a designer’s work play off one another’s and when going back through these photos, I can begin to formulate which rings would be ideal to mix and match.  I love wearing a wide range of designers and I think many compliment each other very well.

Through all my designer appointments, I’ve rounded up 15 photos representing the SHOW ME YOUR RINGS project, Couture edition!  Hope you enjoy looking at these photos and even discover some new items to add to your wish list. 

Above photos, from top to bottom:

Polly Wales bands and stacking rings, all in 18k yellow gold and sapphires

Jemma Wynne newly debuted Revival Collection featuring 18k yellow gold, emeralds, diamonds and Tahitian Pearl

Borgioni Jewels and their geometrically cool jewelry in yellow gold and diamonds

Colette Jewelry featuring some of her floral-centered jewels in 18k yellow gold and diamonds

Xiao Wang Jewelry elongated cut-out rings in 14k yellow gold

Michelle Fantaci‘s Chess Queen Collection is incredible in 14k yellow gold and bold gemstones

Jade Trau has so many wearable pieces in yellow gold and diamonds

Zaiken Jewelry is amazing in person, love the Throwing Stones Collection in yellow gold, gemstones on top of gemstones

Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry‘s playful 14K and 18K gold, handpainted enamel, precious gemstones, pearls and diamond rings

Andrea Fohrman out of this world rings in 14k yellow gold and some unique opaque gemstones

Jane Taylor Jewelry with a handful of their flirty flower rings in yellow gold 

Ron Hami rings in stackable designs, 14k yellow gold diamonds and white sapphires

Crow’s Nest Jewelry Dream Feather rings in sapphires and 18k yellow gold

Alison Lou Jewels emoticon-inspired rings, eyes lips, screw, matchstick…all in 14k yellow gold

Anthony Lent Jewelry has many faces all incredibly realistic in 18k yellow gold}


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