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Jewelry Collection Stories: @Karripsoph


One of the main reasons for starting Gem Gossip was so I could connect with others that share a love for jewelry, just like myself. Whenever I find other people that love jewelry and have amazing collections, it is so fun and refreshing to talk about jewelry and what makes it so alluring.

One thing I wanted to do in the new year is to connect with other fellow jewelry collectors, and share their passion, their stories, their collections–not just mine.

Up first, is Kari (@karripsoph) who I’ve enjoyed connecting with on Instagram. Her love for jewelry was obvious, so I had to know more about her collection and share it with everyone! Hope you enjoy this new series!


I love jewelry because there is usually a story behind it. Growing up I remember playing in my mom’s jewelry box as well as my grandma’s. I loved hearing their stories of where the pieces came from and where they were worn. Jewelry lasts longer than accessories or clothing so it can be passed down through generations so the stories can live on. I also love that people can be drawn to pieces of jewelry for different reasons. Wearing those pieces can give someone a feeling of comfort and connection and even good luck! It is also fun to see how different people style the same designer’s jewelry in so many different ways. I’m most inspired by seeing how people style jewelry so I’m obsessed with Instagram!

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I have done a great deal of traveling in my life and wanted to create a piece of jewelry with the trinkets I had collected over the years. Three years ago I was introduced to a local jewelry designer, Ann Lambrecht, who also traveled the world and created jewelry inspired by her travels. The moment we met we connected over our mutual love of jewelry and travel. That day we drank wine and co-designed my new necklace and I remember how inspired I felt having met a new life-long friend! The piece contains beads and coins I collected from Asia and Africa as well as a cross I got in Costa Rica and a key from the house I grew up in. Over the following three years we co-designed many more pieces (and drank more wine!) and became closer friends. Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly last September, so this piece means just that much more to me now.

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For vintage jewelry I shop ebay or antique stores in small towns.  I shop www.efcollection.com and www.catbirdnyc.com for great trend-right, affordable layering pieces and for statement pieces I shop www.jaimiegellerjewelry.com , www.roseark.com , www.jenniferfisherjewelry.com and www.jacquieaiche.com

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This is a tough one as there are so many great ones! We are really in a jewelry moment right now which I love so I’m learning about new designers all the time. I would say Kathy Rose, Jacquie Aiche and Jennifer Fisher. They are all very different from each other but I love the way they all have such a unique way they style their own jewelry.

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This is such a tough question! I wear so much jewelry every day and I have many favorites. The two pieces that never come off though are my Jennifer Fisher pinky ring and my gold cuff I had made by an Etsy designer. The ring has the initials of my two special-needs dogs. One is paralyzed and the other has lymphoma. They are my life, I love them more than anything and I am committed to their care. The cuff reads “Together we can face challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. Love heals all. Ripley 3-31-02 Sophie 6-17-02”.

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