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Gemfields at Couture 2014

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My first day at Couture was jam-packed with “ooohh’s” and “ahhh’s” followed by no lunch and no breaks, and ended with an appointment with Gemfields in the Fairway Villas.  It was a good thing I’m not a man and I actually asked “where are the Fairway Villas?” …because I would have been not only late by at least 20 minutes, but lost for sure!  

Gemfields was set up in their own mini oasis, further away down the yellow brick road and up an elevator, and when I arrived I surely was not in Kansas anymore.  I had entered my own fantasy Emerald City and these were the best kind of emeralds because they have all been mined ethically!  My sluggish feelings completely vanished and a constant flow of green with envy reenergized my entire body.  

The beautiful Randi Molofsky showed me around, and I got to see pieces of jewelry that were made from collaborations between Gemfields and some incredible designers–like Zaiken Jewelry, Jemma Wynne, Shaun Leane, and Jacquie Aiche.  Gemfields’ newest partnership–Marina B–was debuting that day and I was floored at how incredible an emerald could make me feel.  Every design was reminiscent of Marina B of the late 1970s, but in a bold and modern way. Trying on that necklace was a memorable moment I will have forever!  

Also debuting at Couture for Gemfields was the 100 Good Deeds project Amethyst bracelet from Mary Fisher. The concept behind the bracelet is innovative and extremely admirable–you wear the bracelet, and for every anonymous good deed you do for others you would move the rubber band up onto the next bead, until you reach the goal of 100 Good Deeds!  The bracelet represents goodness in every way and is a good tool for an everyday reminder.  

Above photos:

the Gemfields setup at Couture in the Fairway Villas of the Wynn hotel, Las Vegas

trying on this wonderful emerald and diamond elongated ring from Gemfields

Randi Molofsky helping me try on this breath-taking emerald & diamond necklace designed by Diamond Envy for Gemfields

Loving the upbeat designs of Jacquie Aiche for Gemfields

some more emerald rings–the far left is designed by Shaun Leane and other two are Diamond Envy

this Jemma Wynne necklace set with Gemfields emeralds was a favorite of everyone

I got to try on the Marina B emerald and diamond necklace–I feel like $1million because it is $1million

the necklace again, in all its glory designed by Marina B for Gemfields

I think these are free samples??  wonder what they will be…