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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Fall 2013

1stdibs missibbydale ninacortes cwpoindexter gemsteady facetsfinejewelry elizabethsaylesjewelry2 anninavogel2 bochicny2 stone_fox_bride sallmorrison christiesinc satomi_newyork heartofsolidgold

{from top to bottom:

1stdibs Eric Firestone gallery, love this

misslibbydale of Christies shows off three amazing diamond bracelets up for auction

ninacortes tries on an awesome asymmetrical pear-shaped diamond ring

cwpoindexter snapping a photo of this Chanel necklace/brooch combo #swoon

gemsteady makes the coolest doodle into inspiration board love

facetsfinejewelry shows how beautiful rose cut diamonds can be

elizabethsaylesjewelry converting old, forgotten watch fobs into keepsakes for life

anninavogel posted this amazing print made for her inspired by her jewelry

bochicny treasure hunting in Italy

stone_fox_bride posted this breath-taking pear shaped diamond from a bride-to-be

sallmorrison on set of a gold photo shoot, hanging out with the coolest rams possible

christiesinc inside the studio of Mark Ryden, so much inspiration

satotmi_newyork and her stacks of rings that are addictively collectible

heartofsolidgold captures her jewelry box wonderfully organized and brimming full}