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Can Buying an Engagement Ring at Auction be an Option?


When looking for an engagement ring, have you ever considered buying at auction?! Although it may be a more unconventional way of purchasing your forever ring, it just may be a fun and exciting alternative to shopping at your local jewelry store. Fellows Auction House not only offers some unique diamond rings every month at auction, but some incredibly priced ones. Even the bidding process can be a memorable moment, whether you and your future fiance bid online or in person, you can take part in the experience of bidding. Grab a catalog or browse the online version, pick out potential engagement ring options, and then come bidding day get ready for the action! Cuddle up to your computer with some wine and your significant other, and start bidding! This sounds even more romantic than going to a jewelry store and having to choose from a small selection, and having to work with a sales associate. Auctions, like Fellows, offer such a variety, with many being antique, one-of-a-kind.

The upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery auction from Fellows has some great examples of engagement rings. The sale takes place Thursday, March 13th 2014 and if you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, I highly suggest trying this alternative option out! Below are my picks that I think would make great engagement rings for a beautiful future bride!


140 152

The Classic Solitaire:

Lot 140 is an amazing 4.05 carat solitaire! As beautiful as they come, the diamond appears to be an Old European cut, VVS-2 clarity and H color. The diamond is set in a six-prong setting and flanked by a delicately done diamond set band.

Lot 152 is an even larger diamond, weighing in at 4.68 carats! The center stone is a modern round brilliant set in platinum, with VVS-1 clarity and K color. Again, the band is delicate and understated, which is very en vogue right now.

146 190

The Bezel-set Diamond:

Lot 146 is a classic bezel set round brilliant diamond on a plain band. The diamond is approximately 0.85 carats, with a VS-2 clarity and L color. The platinum setting has hallmarks indicating that it dates to the year 2000. Vintage and classic.

Lot 190 is another classic bezel, this time with an antique cushion shaped diamond. The center stone is approximately 2.65 carats, with a tinted color and SI-2 clarity. I love the size of this diamond, as well as the plain band. It really showcases the old diamond.


10 475

The “Toi et Moi” antique bypass style (like my personal engagement ring):

Lot 10 is this sweet antique bypass ring, set with two Old European cut diamonds. The setting is 18k yellow gold, with an estimated total carat weight of 0.65 points. This piece dates back to early 20th Century and is so precious!

Lot 475 is such a spectacular ring! Each diamond is approximately 1.90 & 1.91 carats each, making it larger than mine. The setting is platinum and 18k white gold, with a delicate band. This type of style looks WAY better on the finger than photographed alone, believe me! 17 137

The Unique Antique:

Lot 17 is a really unique early 20th Century ring set with old cut diamonds. The main diamonds are set vertically, with all totaling 0.85 carats. All set in 18k white gold, this would make a great engagement ring for the couple that wants something different, that no one else has!

Lot 137 is an antique diamond cluster ring. There are lots of antique diamond cluster rings out there, but each of them is unique in terms of style, setting, diamond weight, etc. They also make great engagement rings. This one is mixes white gold and yellow gold, making it easy for everyday wear. The diamonds total 1.70 carats, with the center diamond being bezel set.


464 538

The Unconventional:

Lot 464 is a beautiful French diamond ring, dating back to early 20th Century. The unique asymmetry of the piece makes it ideal as as unconventional engagement ring. The swirls of two diamonds could signify you and your fiance. Any woman would be proud to wear this on their left ring finger!

Lot 538 is one of the prettiest navette diamond rings I’ve ever seen! As readers of Gem Gossip, many of you know how much I love navette shaped rings. I’ve noticed many starting to use this shape as their engagement ring. This one is all original from the late 19th Century, and total about 1.50 carats. Such pretty old cut diamonds!

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