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Election ’08: Buttons are Overrated;;a Graffiti Bangle is more like it

With the election coming on strong, Americans will be headed to the polls before we know it!  Heck, it's almost October already!  Crazy stuff.  I've seen cars whizzing around with McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden bumper stickers all the time.  But who wants to ruin their car with a huge bumper sticker?  Or how about those button/pin things...they are great, but how do you wear that and look stylish?  The best option to show your political spirit this fall??  Try a Graffiti Bangle!  Gorgeously hand-made using brass and enamel.  The phrase "Obama '08" is done up in a graffiti style.  Each costs $100, with $50 going toward the Obama Campaign.  Now that's showing your support, while being stylish!!  Comes in colors red, white, blue, gold, yellow, beige, or pink.  Each are 1 inch wide, from BYLU jewelry. Read More


Diamond found in Africa may be one of the World’s Largest!

Well I have two interesting stories today--one about a diamond that has recently been discovered in Africa and another about how you can possibly find a diamond hidden in your Secret deodorant! So recently, September 8th actually, the mining company called Gem Diamonds based in London, made a discovery of a 478 carat rough diamond!  That may be one of the top 20 largest diamonds ever discovered.  Since the gem has not been cut and polished yet, they are still unsure of what they could potentially have.  A spokesman has said that it could possibly be at least 150 carats when all is said and done.  To compare that to other famous diamonds, I've added these pictures.  The diamond remains unnamed.  I'm excited to hear what happens with that.  You can read more about famous diamonds at this interesting website devoted to world-famous diamonds: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com/famousdiamonds.html Koh-i-Noor diamond, 105 carats   76 carats, found in the same mineMy other story is pretty exciting...how would you like it if you were getting ready early in the morning, and while you put on your deodorant, you felt something funny?  Only to discover it was a diamond gamepiece, which means you are the winner of a 1 carat diamond from Secret's Diamond Giveaway Sweepstakes!  That could be the case...from now until June of next year, Secret is promoting their new deodorant called flawless by giving away a flawless diamond worth $15,000!  To be eligible, just buy the deodorant that has the special label featuring the prize giveaway and see if yours has a diamond gamepiece hidden inside.  You can also enter your email address by following this link, and receive a game code in your email.  Other prizes will be given away, like Visa gift cards, movie tickets, and restaurant gift cards.  You can check back to the site to see who wins! Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Sarah Perlis

If you ever wanted fine, handmade jewelry then Sarah Perlis is a jewelry designer that you need to check out!  She likes to create jewelry that is eco-conscious, so she melts her own gold in her studio, located in New York City.  Her designs use 18k and 22k gold, gemstones and diamonds.  Sarah Perlis has a popular collection called "In the Rough" which incorporates 22k recycled gold and rough diamonds that have been panned and not mined.  The panning method does not release toxic chemicals into the environment, like how mining often does. Take a look at my favorites from her collection, which can be ordered from her website.  There are more great pieces to look at on there as well! Personalized jewelry is fun and quite popular. Whether you get your initial, your significant other's, or a secret crush's, this is an all around easy-to-wear necklace. I like how it also comes with a gold heart charm and a tiny diamond charm. This piece is done in 20k gold and is $595. You can also get this necklace without the heart charm, for $435. This ring is so adorable! Sarah Perlis was definitely thinking outside the box when she created this piece. I never would have thought to attach a gemstone in that way--sort of looks like one flower petal. This ring features a pink sapphire and a rose-cut diamond, in 20k gold. Price: $840 I like this chain necklace because it could be worn in so many different ways. It would look great alone, or layered with other necklaces. Who ever thought a simple chain could make such a bold statement? It is 20k and 18k gold and priced at $480. Read More

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Trend: Stackable Stack Rings

What type of ring are people craving for this season? It has to be none other than the Stackable Rings that have been ever so popular these days. Designers have embraced this trend and have been creating the most delicate and elegant pieces ever. A great aspect about these rings is that you can stack a bunch together or just wear one. Another perk is that they are more affordable than large, ornate cocktail rings. I like win-win situations! Check out my favorites below! This ring can be ordered in your choice of the teal tourmaline or green tourmaline. The ring is done in 14k yellow gold that was carved to look like tree bark! They have such an earthy feel, for a price of $345. They are featured on Lunessa, a site featuring a wide variety of designer jewelry. Designer Jennifer Meyer created these tiny little gems. You can have it your way when it comes to these--you choose the gold color (white or yellow) and which gem you want (diamond, turquoise, emerald, ruby or sapphire). Mix them up or match them up, whichever you prefer! They are only $125 each and can be found on Roseark. I especially like that you can order them in a size 3 :) When I look at these stack rings, I immediately think that an architect designed these. Dana*David designs jewelry keeping her interests in mind, one of them being architecture! I like the one that is a square, and the diamond is off center, placed up in the corner. On her site, you can click on stores, and from there choose your state to find the nearest retailer. Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Gem Gossip’s Pick of the Week!

My pick of the week comes from Doyle & Doyle, a team of two sisters who specialize in hand-picking unique estate and antique jewelry.  With twelve years in this business, you know everything in their store or on their site is remarkable!  While browsing through inventory on their website, I came across this precious necklace.  You may remember how I said doves are an important symbol in my life from this post.  And this necklace is just as cute!  It is 14k yellow gold with blue guilloche enamel design on the pendant.  I like how the two doves are together, rather than just having one alone.  It sells for $375. Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Spotted: Hilary Duff’s ‘Gladiator-Inspired’ Bib Necklace

We were first introduced to Hilary Duff's gorgeous golden bib necklace during Cartier's Love Charity Bracelet launch party, back in June.  She has been seen wearing it out to dinner with boyfriend Mike Comrie since then, everytime looking great.  This type of necklace is so chic, it could be worn to a red carpet event or even to dinner, as Hilary Duff has.  I wanted to find some similar ones so that anyone else who loves this look, as I do, can wear almost an identical necklace. This necklace is of the Victorian era, most likely Europe. It is 18k gold and has an intricate scallop design. It can be purchased at Adin for $1142. The design on this bib necklace is most similar to Hilary Duff's. The pointy look is so delicate, yet so fierce. A combination of white and yellow gold is used in this particular necklace. This necklace is also from Adin, for $1140. And the last necklace I found is very bold, has more gold weight and more expensive. Sure is stunning though! The scallop design has half sun/flower shapes from the Art Deco era. Also from Adin and priced at $1477. Read More