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Style Inspiration: Huge Diamond Necklace

Not only is the outfit in the photo above pretty insane, but the huge diamond necklace just tops it off perfectly. One would think that such a large necklace like that should be styled with a simple outfit, and no other accessories. However, just the opposite works extremely well as you can see. A huge diamond necklace like that is, of course, very pricey. We can all dream though...so I found a great lookalike at Fay Cullen worth $15000! The carat weight in total is 22.68! Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Sparkle like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shined at a recent event...look at her beautiful jewelry choices! I love how she wore two very large rings on one finger. It is unexpected and shows what a trendsetter she is. I've scoped out the most similar jewelry lookalikes so that even you can shine like Cameron. Check them out! We will start with the gorgeous, large gold flower ring. The one Cameron is wearing resembles a Hawaiian Hibiscus flower, like the one above. And since we all know she loves Hawaii and surfing, it may very well be! This ring is 14k yellow gold and is $269, from Hawaii City--which specializes in Hawaiian jewelry. The second ring on Cameron's finger is a large, yellow gold ring with a white stone. I am thinking the stone is mother-of-pearl. I found this button pearl ring by Gabrielle Sanchez--button pearls are flatter than a normal pearl. This one is done in 18k yellow gold and is $1100. It can be purchased at Joseph's boutique. A diamond encrusted horseshoe necklace is great for any occasion, and Cameron's finishes off her jewelry ensemble. The one above is from Heavenly Treasures and is .36 carats. This particular one is great because you can choose 16 inch, 18 inch, or 20 inch chain, as well as white or yellow gold. Prices range from $698-745. Read More

Designer Jewelry

Ross-Simons Holiday Preview is here!

Holiday catalogs are already circulating and Ross-Simons is not skimping on all the goodies this year! So many great choices in the holiday preview, whether you want gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies under your tree. I have a few favorites of my own...they are shown below. If you are a fan of Ross-Simons, let me know about your shopping experience and your jewelry purchases. Do you have any holiday favorites? Anything personalized makes a great holiday gift, and since monograms and name plates are very trendy, these make the perfect pair of earrings. They are done in 14k yellow gold. Pricetag is $315, but sales do run often, so be on the lookout. Snake rings are necessary. This is probably the cutest one out there right now. I bought a snake ring on eBay and was very disappointed and returned it. It was so huge, it scaled down to my knuckle and up half my finger. This one looks like it would fit perfectly, while continually being timeless. This one is priced at $236 and is 14k white gold and diamonds. Don't these earrings look like they are vintage, art deco? They are actually not vintage, but they have a great vintage style to them. Onyx, coral and diamonds combined with white gold make these new earrings seem like a peek into the past. They dangle 1.75 inches and are priced at $175. Will you find any of these under your tree this year? Read More

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Hot Gemstone: Turquoise

Turquoise makes a bold statement when set in yellow gold--the crisp blue stands out with the buttery yellow of the gold.  This gemstone, often used as December's birthstone, should not always be associated with Southwestern Jewelry (sterling silver only).  I think people should add more turquoise and yellow gold jewelry into their wardrobe, and I've noticed that designers are creating more and more pieces with this in mind.  Check out what I'm talking about below! These earrings use the turquoise and yellow gold combination, while adding the white mother-of-pearl. The heart motif makes them fun and flirty, and they dangle 1.25 inches. They are from Heavenly Treasures, and sell for $198. I've seen many of these necklaces with the same style, however this one is unique because the turquoise stone is carved. These necklaces are often called "chicklet" style necklaces. The flower carving makes is stand out above the rest. The necklace can be ordered in sterling silver ($65), 14k Goldfill ($85) or 14k solid yellow gold ($135). I like when that choice is available. From Lunessa! Here is a vintage ring that uses the turquoise and yellow gold combination. This ring hails from England and dates back to 1903. This type of style is called a bypass ring. The diamonds are rose-cut and the ring is a size 4 1/2. From The Three Graces which has some beautiful antique and vintage jewelry. The price on this piece is $495. Read More


Wooden Jewelry:Wood You?

There are more and more ways for people to become eco-friendly these days, even when it comes to your jewelry.  Instead of opting for gold or platinum, did you ever think of trying wood?  Once carved, it is smooth and durable, as well as easy to take care of.  With all the different varieties of wood, each piece can be unique and have a certain look.  Some woods have deep spiritual meanings that date back thousands of years ago, when some cultures thought trees to be sacred.  Take a look at some of the interesting wood jewelry, and you may want to try it out for yourself! This wooden ring combines Bog Wood and Turquoise, specially made to fit your ring size. It is from a website that specializes in eco-conscious wood jewelry, where their slogan is "Let the tree hug you" for all those tree-huggers out there. The ring sells for $275 at Simply Wood Rings. You can also give your engagement ring some Earth-friendliness. Simply Wood Rings also makes custom orders, this one featuring a salvaged engagement ring setting and diamond, secured in a Walnut ring. For more information on custom orders, go to their website. These zebra wood earrings are earthy and elegant at the same time. Designer Kara Ross uses 18k gold and diamonds in these earrings. They look like something found in an upscale zoo gift shop. For store locations, check out the Kara Ross New York website. 18 Jewels is a trendy jewelry hub that features numerous beaded, stackable bracelets like these. The two here feature wooden beads, and white gold with diamond charms. There are more to choose from on the website, but I like the peace sign bracelet ($600) and the pave diamond ball ($1150). Read More

Designer Jewelry

Laura Gibson and her Tiny Black Diamonds

I am really liking these tiny black diamonds I've been seeing in lots of necklaces.  The facets make them sparkle, and the their size makes them dainty and sweet.  I recently tried on a necklace that featured the tiny black faceted diamonds and 14k gold bars in between each one.  The necklace was at least 22 inches long, and was around $1200 at a small gem & fossil shop in California.  Laura Gibson, jewelry designer out of Arizona, uses tiny black diamonds in a few of her pieces from her collection.  Check out her entire collection by looking at her website.  She also has several trunk shows across the United States, which would be interesting to attend.  Here are her designs--love the bracelet.  What do you think? Read More