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Obsession: Leather Bracelets

After coming across these bracelets in hopes of finding something "unordinary" in the stackable bracelet trend, I've realized these leather goodies are on a whole new level. I especially love how the designers have paired the earthy material of leather with something bold, like a pearl or something sparkly, like diamonds. These would go great with any other bracelets, whether you own gold bangles or a tennis bracelet. The leather on these bracelets has proved that leather can be considered "fine jewelry" and look high-end. I love them! These leather bracelets have a diamond encrusted button which encloses each one. You have your choice of black or brown leather, and you also can choose yellow, rose or white gold. Each are $500 and can be found at JL Rocks! Easily purchased online! This stack of seven bracelets is actually one bracelet! From the Misani Collection which originates in Milan, Italy. The company specializes in combining leather, gold and diamonds. It can be purchased at Pageo Jewelers--North America's exclusive representative of this company. Bold and beautiful! Leather combined with black or white South Sea Pearls creates these great bracelets from Cathy B. Jewelry. I am excited for their website to be revamped soon, allowing customers to order directly and have access to prices and better descriptions. Keep an eye out for that, as well as sneak a peek at their flip flops. They are extremely cool. Read More

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Yum! Fruity Bangles by Mark Davis


Spotted: Dangle Rings

I've always had this tiny, gold, etched band ring with a single, circular charm dangling from it which portrays the Virgin Mary.  I love this ring and I was recently admiring the simplicity of it.  It is also one of the most complimented-on rings that I own.  That dangle definitely sets it a part!  I've found some dangle rings that are just as beautiful and will guarantee compliments.  Enjoy! This dangle ring showcases a pretty color-combination of aquamarine, peridot and apatite. Set in 18k gold and designed by Becky Kelso. This is a fun and vibrant ring! From Ylang|23, for $540. This ring is also from Ylang|23 and is a great buy at $202.50! That is half off! It looks similiar to the dangle ring I have. A good amount of gold with two charms dangling from m2 Design collection by Mary Margrill. A unique dangle ring that combines two trends in one! A stack of rings, plus the cross dangle! Believe it or not, there are seven stack rings here, all done in 18k yellow gold. This one is designed by Beth Orduna, priced at $1320 from Ylang|23. I can't stop wanting to buy this ring. I think the concept is so neat, and I'm so intrigued by the pieces of jewelry that BYLU creates. That little piece of quartz? Found in Central Park--each is unique and hand cut. Price ranges from $250-280 depending on ring size and can be found in the Compass Rose Collection on BYLU's site. Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I see this ring! It is made using 18kt gold and denim silk that is hand woven together. Made in Italy by Carolina Bucci and found on Astley Clarke, an online boutique which houses designer jewelry from around the world. Price is about $1122. Read More

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Gretchen Julius: a Day at the Zoo

I love Gretchen Julius' designs because they make me feel like I'm spending a day at the zoo or on an African Safari adventure. Zoos are my top favorite places ever and I've been to quite a few. For my birthday this year, it was the San Diego Zoo and then last year it was the Cleveland Zoo. Here I am when I was little at a zoo in Florida. The petting zoo area is the best part. I fell pretty hard and scraped my knee, and the little goat was licking my scrape. My favorite animal at the zoo has always been those meerkats...I could watch them for hours. I get frustrated though because I just want to play with them. Here are some of Gretchen Julius' designs--we've got a ring, necklace and earrings. All are done in 14k yellow gold with semi-precious stones. She uses a zebra, elephant, camel, rhino, and scarab in her pieces of the Safari Collection. So, if you like the necklace but would rather have, say, a camel for example, it is available. Check out her website...her bracelets are also very pretty. And check out the Cluster Collection. I've added a peak of what that collection looks like as well below. Read More

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Election ’08: Buttons are Overrated;;a Graffiti Bangle is more like it

With the election coming on strong, Americans will be headed to the polls before we know it!  Heck, it's almost October already!  Crazy stuff.  I've seen cars whizzing around with McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden bumper stickers all the time.  But who wants to ruin their car with a huge bumper sticker?  Or how about those button/pin things...they are great, but how do you wear that and look stylish?  The best option to show your political spirit this fall??  Try a Graffiti Bangle!  Gorgeously hand-made using brass and enamel.  The phrase "Obama '08" is done up in a graffiti style.  Each costs $100, with $50 going toward the Obama Campaign.  Now that's showing your support, while being stylish!!  Comes in colors red, white, blue, gold, yellow, beige, or pink.  Each are 1 inch wide, from BYLU jewelry. Read More


Diamond found in Africa may be one of the World’s Largest!

Well I have two interesting stories today--one about a diamond that has recently been discovered in Africa and another about how you can possibly find a diamond hidden in your Secret deodorant! So recently, September 8th actually, the mining company called Gem Diamonds based in London, made a discovery of a 478 carat rough diamond!  That may be one of the top 20 largest diamonds ever discovered.  Since the gem has not been cut and polished yet, they are still unsure of what they could potentially have.  A spokesman has said that it could possibly be at least 150 carats when all is said and done.  To compare that to other famous diamonds, I've added these pictures.  The diamond remains unnamed.  I'm excited to hear what happens with that.  You can read more about famous diamonds at this interesting website devoted to world-famous diamonds: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com/famousdiamonds.html Koh-i-Noor diamond, 105 carats   76 carats, found in the same mineMy other story is pretty exciting...how would you like it if you were getting ready early in the morning, and while you put on your deodorant, you felt something funny?  Only to discover it was a diamond gamepiece, which means you are the winner of a 1 carat diamond from Secret's Diamond Giveaway Sweepstakes!  That could be the case...from now until June of next year, Secret is promoting their new deodorant called flawless by giving away a flawless diamond worth $15,000!  To be eligible, just buy the deodorant that has the special label featuring the prize giveaway and see if yours has a diamond gamepiece hidden inside.  You can also enter your email address by following this link, and receive a game code in your email.  Other prizes will be given away, like Visa gift cards, movie tickets, and restaurant gift cards.  You can check back to the site to see who wins! Read More