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Obsession: Emerald Cut Earrings

The Emerald Cut has always been a favorite of mine, especially when it comes to earrings.  It compliments the face and adds that extra pop of style.  Anyone and everyone has a pair of round diamond studs, but a pair of Emerald cut diamond studs?  That is another story!

Check out some of the amazing vintage finds featuring Emerald Cut earrings.  Since this style was popular during the Retro Era, most are from that time period.


This pair features large emerald cut aquamarines, totaling over 10 carats! The added diamonds on top give the illusion, to me at least, that there is a tiny bow on top. These are from the 80s although they look very retro. Priced at $1450 from Beladora.


Citrine is a classic retro gem. This pair of earrings even has the 18k rose gold, which was popular during the 30s. From Lang Antiques and priced at $495, with over 10 carats of citrine–so pretty!


Another pair of aquamarine earrings, but this time a lot smaller. These come from Doyle & Doyle and are priced at $450. The gold scrollwork is beautiful and it gives away what time period they are from.