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VANCOX: Timeless Jewelry, Brazilian Soul


If you check out VANCOX, you will fully understand how the core of their business is jewelry design, rather than jewelry manufacturing.  Although they do both, the design aspect is truly calculated and meticulously planned.  VANCOX features many statement pieces that are bold and finely crafted. From their mesh dripping earrings, to their gemstone built bracelets–each piece will surely make heads turn and whispers run wild.  The company is based in Brazil, giving them access to the many gemstones that are found there.  Us Americans need some timeless jewelry with Brazilian soul!  Now check out my favorites:

vancox3 Tresor Collection: 18k yellow gold, South Sea Pearls & Diamonds

vancox5 Antique Collection: 18k rose gold, rutilated quartz & diamonds

vancox4 Floracion Collection: 18k yellow gold & diamonds

vancox` 18k yellow gold, citrine, smokey quartz & diamonds

VANCOX ♦  1-877-8VANCOX  ♦  vancox@vancox.com