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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog since my Jewelry Road Trip to NYC. I have been keeping a secret since then, one which I finally felt comfortable to reveal and tell you all on Thanksgiving last week. You might have seen the announcement on Instagram, but if not — I am pregnant!  My husband and I are over-the-moon excited and I feel really thankful in this moment. I am also in complete awe of the female body and what it can do now more than ever.

My first trimester has been very easy compared to most (I’ve been hearing horror stories)–I got really lucky. I was only mildly nauseous and as soon as I felt any type of terrible feelings, when I ate something, the feeling went away. So I stuck with that! Then the tiredness set in…it is a kind of tired I’ve never felt before and I could never fight it, it would always win!  I was taking a nap almost everyday, sometimes even two naps a day!  I felt uncharacteristically lazy but I knew to trust and listen to what my body was telling me, even if it was telling me to sleep for hours and hours.

We were really excited to find out earlier this week the gender. Every old wive’s tale was all across the board, so I didn’t know what to think. I personally didn’t feel like I was carrying one or the other (some people said the mother sometimes knows). Do you believe those old wive’s tales?!  They were fun to read about and take part in. The blood test concluded that we are having a BOY!

I’m finally getting some energy back and it couldn’t have come at a better time — the holidays are around the corner!  I have a big surprise planned in December for everyone which I’m excited to announce tomorrow. So stay tuned for that!

I don’t want this space to become a “mommy” blog as it has been my jewelry sanctuary for the past ten years and will continue to be just that. This blog has brought me joy since the day it was created and I won’t ever change its focus. However, I did want to let everyone know of this big milestone because within these ten years I’ve also connected with my readers, the people who keep me motivated to continue to write these words and create these photos. And you may have done the same with me. It only felt right to let you know about this.

Thanks for reading!  If there are any moms out there, feel free to leave any and all advice in the comments. I like taking IT ALL in. Since this is my first child and will be the first grandchild for my parents, we are starting from absolute scratch with baby stuff (the baby room is literally an empty room right now with one crib and mattress, the only two things we’ve bought so far). So please also leave your baby MUST-HAVES so I can add them to my registry. I like making big check lists 🙂




EDIT: After immediately receiving requests for my registry, I’ve decided to share it. It is a work in progress!