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Quarantine Connection — Jewelry Purchases that Comforted Us All


In times of unknown or uncertainty, sometimes it is something as simple as a piece of jewelry that helps heal, comfort and connect us all. I’ve noticed a trend…a small surge in interest in jewelry, whether that’s for educational or buying purposes I’m not sure, but people are flocking for jewelry and my website is often a landing point to jump off from. Whereas most people are complaining about Instagram’s algorithm and losing followers, Gem Gossip has incurred a surprisingly large additional audience over these past few months, many of whom have personally reached out. They stated that, as a hobby during quarantine, fine jewelry and antique jewelry became a big interest for them. I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming these newbies and helping them learn by pointing out some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written over the past 12 years (oh yeah, my blog anniversary is this month). Anyway, I’ve purchased (maybe) more than what I typically buy in terms of personal pieces of jewelry for my collection in the last few months and it got me thinking…and asking — anyone else??

I posed the open submissions on my Instagram Story — show me your quarantine buys! Tell me 3-5 sentences about it or them. My inbox was immediately flooded. People were gushing over their finds, so proud and adamantly confident about purchasing a luxury item during a pandemic. What does that say about jewelry? Well I think it says a lot, but for one, the impact that jewelry has on the mind/body/soul…super important.  A common theme that I saw when reading over all these submissions: people are buying pieces that truly resonate. These pieces remind you of loved ones, act as a talisman, or celebrate milestones.

Excited to share some below and all this week I’ll be sharing in my Stories on Instagram (so follow me on there if you’re not already following):


I bought the black onyx ring from you with matching earrings and the gorgeous amethyst pansy ring of my dreams from @songbirdsarajewelry. I wanted the pansy ring back in September but someone else beat me to it and then didn’t follow through with their layaway payments!!! Was a button.



The brooch is really special to me – it was part of the #jewelsforchange2020 auctions, and I love how the community has rallied!

The Art Deco lines and calibre cut amethysts make my heart sing, and I was lucky to find a pair of earrings on Ross-Simons that go perfectly!! You introduced me to the company, and these earrings complement the look perfectly and the price point was guilt-free!

Last, bought myself a set of 9mm pearls (from Pearl Paradise) to celebrate a new job!



My quarantine purchases were a mix of sentimentality, whimsy, and apparently a little bit of morbidity. All my feelings during this crazy time.



Amulets, talismans and things that seem dredged from the Aegean Sea. Irina Oktar made the malachite hamsa and sea urchin, Tinakris is the source for the aquamarine pendant, Emily Marquis made the tiny amethyst scarab and the blue quartz necklace is from LayeredCharms. Oh and the small meander lock is from Marla Aaron but that’s not a Quarantine purchase.



Pendants by Loren Nicole, purchased after her inspiring Gemflix talk showing how she granulates gold! These are both custom for my partner and I, she was experimenting with putting granulation under rock crystal, and she sourced the hessonite garnet for me! Now I just need a chain….



A commemorative piece in memory of my granddad, an avid gardener, intelligent & loving soul ♥️ made by the incredibly talented @dianapops



I’ve got more than a few quarantine jewelry purchases (as you know lol!), but I wanted to send in a couple pieces that I’ve added to my collection, besides the ones I’ve bought from you. The pearl and diamond ring is from from @oldmemoriesjewelry and the aquamarine pendant is from @alwaysaleda. I’ve loved collecting birthstone jewelry since I was a kid, and even more so now since my kids were born. So these pieces represent my husband & me (pearl), my son (diamond), and daughter (aquamarine). Being in quarantine, I finally took a look at what was in my jewelry box, and it sparked my wanting to add more meaningful and unique pieces to my collection, that I could also pass down to my kids someday.



My favorite quarantine jewelry purchase has to be this incredible Art Deco timepiece! It has the juiciest sapphire cab on its stem and a face made of white gold. Recently reserviced and running perfectly after all these years! It’s the only thing keeping me on a proper schedule during lockdown!



During quarantine I found a new hobby in watching online live auctions – which goes very well with my greatest hobby: antique jewelry. This beautiful antique cluster ring I fought for and won in an auction. It contains over a carat of old cut diamonds, including my very first old mine cut diamond. The old mine cut is my absolute favourite for diamonds – or any other gemstone. The ring itself is perfect for me as well: it is my exact ring size and not too flowery, I am not into the typical daisy rings. I like how this ones shape looks rather like a crown than like a flower that stands for innocence.



Quarantine purchases – I’m just starting out collecting fine jewelry and I’ve made way too many purchases during quarantine!

Signet ring is from @goldenbyregi, the textured gold band and teeny emerald and diamond ring are from @farewellfinejewelry. And I have a gypsy set gold and diamond ring on layaway currently from a shop on Etsy and a @louisonrareandfine evil eye pendant on the way to me (I blame you for that! 😂). Quarantine has given me the time to check out more jewelry Instagram accounts and search for things on my dream list! Also just had to add that you are the first jewelry account I started following a long time ago and you’ve influenced me greatly! Hoping some day to have a figa collection as impressive as yours!



A repurposed 9 k Victorian chain with a vintage turquoise square surrounded by sterling silver with 4 Victorian diamonds. It’s such a modern take using Victorian materials and it’s so comfortable to wear I’ve found me reaching for it almost everyday since I purchased it especially on days I don’t leave the house.



I spent my 40th birthday in quarantine. So I got a green gold Marla Aaron lock to commemorate “the lockdown birthday.”



Life in lockdown has made me think a lot about family, especially my late Nan and Grandad who we lost over the last two years. During visits to see them in England, it was so magical watching all the swans in Stratford-upon-Avon. I wanted a piece of jewelry featuring a swan as a way to capture all those memories and carry a part of them with me. While looking for just the right vintage gold pendant to have engraved, the ladies at Market Square Jewelers found it for me and had their incredible engraver bring my ideas to life. I can already tell this will be a really special modern family heirloom.



These three charms represent 3 ideas I felt I needed to focus on during quarantine: arrow for direction and moving forward, cornicello for protection and the anchor for hope. These pieces are from Circa1700, Samantha Knight Jewelry and Gemstonegypsy.



It’s been a very mariner link bracelet quarantine for me. I didn’t think anything could top the Cartier France beauty on the bottom, but then I stumbled onto the French sapphire and diamond beauty. It’s the last thing I’d have gone looking for—so much more gemmy and delicate than my other bracelets—but I’m obsessed with it.



This was my lockdown birthday gift to myself. American gold from 1900s. Love it as the eagle is one of my spirit animals and she is so embracing of her spirit. (I reject the Hebe/Zeus parallel as I just find the gods so amoral lol) also she looks like a mermaid so it’s a memento to explore the heights and the depths! Boom!



Vintage, two-color 18k, former Cartier designer Dinh Van, paperclip chain, a necklace and/or a bracelet, this corona quarantine splurge just ticked all the boxes. It adds a little French cool to my life every day and I will never regret purchasing it.