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Rolex 101 with Craig Evan Small

Rolex–quite possibly the world’s best-known wristwatch company and a favorite amongst collectors, watch-enthusiasts, vintage and estate dealers and people worldwide. Sometimes one can feel intimidated by the world of watches if you don’t know much about them. That’s exactly how I’ve felt my whole life! I decided to… Read More

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Gem Gossip Wedding: All the Details

October 21, 1956–a day my grandparents got married in Italy; before three children, before deciding to make a huge leap of faith by immigrating to the US separately, before they could imagine this day would lead to 55 years of marriage and happiness. This momentous day came after… Read More

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Your Answer to Last Minute Holiday Gifts–Our Top Picks from Arik Kastan

Last minute holiday gifts for your loved ones or even yourself! We made it easy for you by picking out our favorites. Shop these and MORE by clicking the banners above!! Happy Holidays! Follow… Read More

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My Jewel Box: Black Diamonds from Henri Daussi

There is an art to mixing modern with antique and vintage, and when it comes to jewelry, I’ve had plenty of practice! I will let you in on a little secret–it is all about color and textures. Take for example the gem-set designs of Henri Daussi. Read More

Designer Jewelry

Engagement Rings You Won’t Say No To at Marisa Perry in NYC

Hey New Yorkers, I’ve found your ideal spot for engagement ring shopping that measures up to everything you’ve been wanting. The sweet spot is called Marisa Perry and this atelier has just moved into the ideally romantic meatpacking district (I… Read More


Jewelry Auction Set for December 14th, 2015 from Hampton Estate Auction

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