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Gem Gossip Wedding: All the Details

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October 21, 1956–a day my grandparents got married in Italy; before three children, before deciding to make a huge leap of faith by immigrating to the US separately, before they could imagine this day would lead to 55 years of marriage and happiness. This momentous day came after the two met while my grandpa worked in the Italian Army and my grandma worked at a little shop down the street from him, it came after my grandma audaciously lied about her age when they first encountered, and it came after they fell in love. When I asked my grandma what she remembers from the day, as I held her wedding day picture in my hand (the photo was displayed where we got married), she jokingly says, “The girl that did my hair did a terrible job and I ran home and tried to comb it down.” Something I would say, as I smile and realize how everything doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Fifty-nine years later, on the very same day, I married Matt…on a random Wednesday, in a tiny ceremony of eighteen people, in the autumn sunshine…the prettiest day I could have imagined. And although my grandpa isn’t here with us anymore, we can all feel his presence, and my dad walked me down the “aisle” wearing my grandpa’s suit (as well as a tie from the 1980s which I told him not to wear). It was awesome to have my grandma there–after she drove eleven hours from back home to be a part of this special day–along with her sister-in-law (who recently lost her husband, who lived down the street from each other all these years and the two couples did EVERYTHING together). Being my grandma’s anniversary, she made sure to make this day a day of celebration rather than being sad. I’m so glad I chose this special date as my wedding date.

I’m happy to share some wedding details, as this was an easy wedding to plan since it was for less than 20 people–no stress was involved, no Pinterest boards were made, no drama. Just us, our families, a few traditional wedding rituals and an incredible photographer to capture the special moments. Full disclosure, Matt absolutely hates getting his picture taken (hence why we never had engagement photos or really any kind of photos) so these pictures are MORE THAN special to me.


Photography: Ariel Renae Photography

Venue: Riverwood Mansion, Nashville, TN

Cake, Bouquet, Arch Greenery: Elope in Nashville

Dress: bought from Revolve Clothing online for $100 

Veil: Sara Gabriel Veils

Makeup: I did myself, except I splurged and got eyelash extensions–the lipstick I’m wearing is NARS in Jeanne

Jewelry: ALL DETAILS HERE, Matt’s jewelry is mostly from eBay, the pocketwatch we bought together in Atlanta at Scott’s Antique Market, our first trip there together–the gold chain + button was an awesome find, as the button is engraved with the prettiest cursive D

Again, another special thank you to Andreoli Fine Jewelry for letting me borrow the earrings of my dreams for my wedding day.