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Jewelry Auction Set for December 14th, 2015 from Hampton Estate Auction

Are you a lover of 1960s/70s yellow gold jewelry like myself?!  Well you’re in luck because Hampton Estate Auction has a December 14th sale coming up and it is loaded with special pieces from this unique time period. The jewelry mainly consists of yellow gold, opaque gemstones like lapis, onyx, malachite and coral, sprinkled with some diamonds here and there. I especially love the rock crystal suite that is featured in this sale, which will have you putting on your dancing shoes and heading out to find the nearest disco party. This type of jewelry isn’t about nostalgia, it is coming back into style and now is the right time to buy! Take advantage of the great pricing you can get with an auction and be sure to sign up to bid!

Need more info on how to do that? Read the conditions of the sale and/or register to bid online. Then, mark your calendars for December 14, 2015 at 11am EST for the auction! Good luck!!

1960s/70s themed lots:

Lot 65: This 18k yellow gold rectangular citrine ring makes a bold statement, measuring approximately 17 x 13mm.  The setting details are reminiscent of a bow and I love the addition of the gold beads. The ring size is currently 8.75 and looks as though it would be easy to size! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 77: A group of four rings from the 1970s, consisting of two lapis and diamond rings, one malachite and diamond, and another emerald and diamond. All unique shapes, all in 14k yellow gold! A fun lot and great start price. Estimate: $280-500

Lot 139: A French lapis ring with a unique shape–featuring a half-sphere lapis which is cradled in 18k yellow gold. The gold crosses over the lapis and set with diamonds. So funky! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 156: Five rings in this 1960s/70s lot–three that are coral and diamond, one that is coral, lapis and diamond, and finally an onyx and diamond one (matches one of the coral ones). A funky bunch of rings, all desirable and ready to be mixed/matched with your collection! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 188: A duo of coral and diamond rings from the 70s. These two pieces are both done in 14k yellow gold and have a bypass style. The one has half-circles of some diamonds and a coral, creating the bypass look. The other ring has two “flags” one of coral and one of diamonds creating the bypass look. Estimate: $150-300

Lot 209: Onyx was very popular during the 60s/70s in jewelry and these rings prove it! This lot features three onyx and diamond rings, each with a unique style. All three would look awesome worn together. I especially love the one with a subtle diamond arrow. Estimate: $230-500

Lot 213: Another fun bunch of rings, this lot contains seven of them, all in 14k yellow gold and diamonds. The grouping weighs a total of 33.7 grams and circa 1970s. A few crossover rings, some kite-shaped silhouettes and a swirl ring make up the fun crowd, ready to wear! Estimate: $700-1,200

Lot 263: A suite consisting of earrings and a necklace in 18k yellow gold, diamond and rock crystal. The necklace is a heavy, solid piece featuring nine kite-shaped rock crystals set with diamonds hanging from a large-linked chain. The matching earrings finish off the 1970s look and complete any outfit. Total diamond weight is approximately 3.50 carats! Estimate: $3,800-6,000


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