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Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories: Natalie’s Jewels

There’s always those kind of people that you feel like you’ve known your entire life and for me, Natalie is exactly that kind of person! I got to meet her for the first time on my trip to LA just last month and her passion for jewelry… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories: Jenn of Bellflower Bay

Continuing this week with Jewelry Collection Stories, the next collection is one I am really excited about. I’ve known Jenn of Bellflower Bay for several years, as she was one of my first friends I’ve met through Gem Gossip, and it is also special to… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories: Sheri of Metier SF

Continuing with our week of Jewelry Collection Stories, today’s collection features Sheri of Metier SF. If you don’t know, Metier is a boutique store located in San Francisco which went from selling mostly clothing and some jewelry, to mostly jewelry and some curiosities. Sheri… Read More

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Jewelry Collection Stories

Jewelry Collection Stories: Alison, @duvenay

This entire week I am dedicating to the Jewelry Collection Stories segment, as I feel this is the perfect way to end 2015. What an amazing year! I can’t think of a better way to leave you than with FIVE amazing collection stories from some incredible collectors… Read More

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Instagram Giveaway! Celebrate Gem Gossip’s 90k

So excited to announce our 90k giveaway to celebrate Gem Gossip reaching 90k followers over on Instagram! It is a huge milestone and with every step, I like to give back to my followers. This time around we are teaming up with Arik Kastan to bring an amazing prize… Read More


Rings That Had Instagram A-Buzz in 2015

Do you get excited when people you follow on Instagram post an incredible high-res image of a beautiful ring?! Well I do! And these 14 rings set off the “like” scale with big numbers. Some landing on our wish lists, some ending up on our jewelry bucket lists,… Read More