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Celebrity Jewelry

Guess the celebrity jewelry game!

Can you guess which celebrity is strutting the red carpet wearing these gorgeous jewels??  I will reveal the answers in one week!  Good luck!! ANSWERS: (top to bottom) Jennifer Lopez Anne Hathaway Julianne Moore Emmanuelle Chirqui… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2013

The Miami Beach Antique Show was a fun and memorable trip this year! This was the first time ever going to a jewelry show on the first day of opening rather than the tail end of the event. The show had a large turnout–with crowds of people… Read More

My Jewel Box

Gem Gossip Engagement Ring!

I’ve written about, criticized, adored and appraised hundreds of engagement rings since entering the jewelry industry. I wished and hoped for one day to finally have my own since I was little.  I am happy to announce, on a personal level, that I am engaged and wanted to… Read More

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2013

Instagram is my favorite app on my iPhone…I love following other jewelry designers and fans to see what they are up to.  Here are some of my top favorite Instagram photos from people I follow: black matte spray painted vases from zoechiccojewelry love the vignette of round,… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Pick of the Week: Sharart Design Opal Ring

The Opal Pirouette ring from Sharart Design is absolutely gorgeous! It is a bypass style done in 18k gold with black and white diamonds, and opals.  What is so unique about this ring is how the square bezel of the ring flips to change the look–opal on… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Jewelry Designer of JJ Number 8

You can tell when a jewelry designer designs out of passion and love for all things surrounding her. This is so true for JJ Number 8 jewelry designs. Her California lifestyle evokes many of the designs, where she uses shapes that flow and have energy. Read More