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Q & A with Jewelry Designer of JJ Number 8

JJ_1 You can tell when a jewelry designer designs out of passion and love for all things surrounding her. This is so true for JJ Number 8 jewelry designs. Her California lifestyle evokes many of the designs, where she uses shapes that flow and have energy. I love how she has really taken the marquise shape and made it her own, even sometimes transforming it. I caught up with the designer to ask her a few questions…enjoy!


We are so excited to have had such a great year last year.  I am currently working on designing new jewelry for our 2013 JJ Number 8 collection.  The depth of the collection is beautiful and so uniquely JJ Number 8 with our signature use of the marquise gemstone.  We are working on more gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and hoops in sophisticated and unique color combinations that have never been seen before in jewelry.

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I had a successful career at a highly competitive Fortune 250 company, the Taco Bell corporate headquarters, for many years where I did International Marketing, Advertising and Project Management.  Although I loved my career there, my true passion was jewelry.  I followed my passion, took classes at GIA and started JJ Number 8 jewelry five years ago.  I went from selling tacos to designing jewelry and found freedom.   JJ Marq Lab Turq Earrings web q3


Although we have had some wonderful moments of JJ Number 8 being worn on the red carpet and by celebrities, my proudest moment as a jewelry designer is when I see a woman on the street wearing my jewelry everyday.  It is such an honor to be a part of her intimate and personal everyday style.

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My hope is that when a woman puts on her JJ Number 8 jewelry that is bathes her in calmness and nurtures her in total tranquility.

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This is a tough question because every time I design a new piece of jewelry, it always seems to become my favorite.  But if I had to chose one, it would be the Laguna Diamond Swirl Oval Earrings.  I love the unique color combination of these earrings, their kinetic energy and beautiful swirl of color.   BigEarringsEmailLogo_1