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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2013

zoechiccojewelry vintageandmodern raymondleejwlrs leahalexandrajewelry jencwilliams romy jm_london_nz luckymagazine katierowlanduk marionfasel monnonmade michael_louis_ jesswinzelberg arielgordonjewelry

Instagram is my favorite app on my iPhone…I love following other jewelry designers and fans to see what they are up to.  Here are some of my top favorite Instagram photos from people I follow:

black matte spray painted vases from zoechiccojewelry

love the vignette of round, gilded mirrors from vintageandmodern

snapshot of Blake Lively’s engagement ring from raymondleejwlrs

glimpses from the Natural Museum of History from leahalexandrajewelry

the jewelry district in Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy from jencwilliams

love Romy’s style from gumuchain

killer bracelets, each one-of-a-kind from jm_london_nz

flea market on a Sunday afternoon from luckymagazine

love this setup from katierowlanduk

17th century jewelry, Montenegro style from marionfasel

cute ancient chihuahuas from minnonmade

so much bling from Michael_louis_

necklaces galore all designed by jesswinzelberg

a look into Ariel Gordon’s jewelry box from arielgordonjewelry