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You’re Newest Antique & Vintage Jewelry Obsession: Gleem & Co.


Aimed at being a premier online destination that features, “a more accessible, enjoyable, and personal place for jewelry to be traded,” Gleem & Co. has hit the jewelry scene just this past summer and is already making their mark.  Think of it as your inner circle of treasure hunters that are out there finding great deals and bringing them to you, the jewelry collector!  Another cool aspect of Gleem is their consignment service. So, you (yes, you!) can email photos of pieces you no longer want and Gleem will sell them for you.  I was so surprised by their prices, which trump many leading competitors in several categories of certain items that I collect.  I’m delighted to find another resource to help curate my personal collection of fine jewelry and I’m even happier to pass this knowledge along to fellow collectors.

Their selection runs the gamut, with samplings from the Victorian Era–like bird motif necklaces and brooches–to modern day classics, like a pair of Chanel earrings or an Hermes cuff. Latest trends, like runway fringe or 60s glam, can easily be found amongst their inventory which is ever-changing. Bold, juicy gemstones like green tourmaline, citrine, amethyst and sapphire are always available in a wide variety of styles, and all appraised so you know you’re buying a genuine gemstone.  Not only am I am huge fan of their great prices, but Gleem & Co. has a surprisingly abundant collection of 1960s/70s era jewelry–a known favorite of mine. Make sure you hop on over to their website to view their inventory.

So, what makes Gleem & Co. so special?!  I like how their pricing is paired with an appraisal value, so you can see before you buy what the appraised value of the piece is. All appraisals are done by a Master Gemologist Appraiser–a title held by only 46 appraisers in the world! And when you purchase an item from Gleem, you receive a copy of said written appraisal for your records.  

Other perks worth mentioning:

  • When you consign on Gleem, you receive 70% of the sales value when your piece sells, which is higher than any other consignment retailer I know. And if you ask, they will give you 75% sales value as credit toward your next purchase.
  • Free shipping and returns! Hooray!
  • Amazing Concierge service to help you find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Brinks Shipping and Lloyds of London insurance.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Gleem & Co. 


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