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Gem Gossip Visits Roberson’s Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Arkansas is the kind of state where one can go to dig up diamonds in the dirt and return home with your findings–even if your find is an 8.52 ct diamond and slated to shatter some serious records. The gems are there, you just have to look for them.  I didn’t have to look far to see a gem of a store–Roberson’s Fine Jewelry located in Little Rock boasts some serious jewels.  They also are on the cutting edge of forward thinking as they just hosted a first-ever in store trend event on September 24th, 2015.  This private event brought together some of the best trend experts in the jewelry business–one from the East coast, Nancy Robey and one from the West coast, Jen C. Williams of Luxury Brand Group, who brought to life upcoming trends illustrated through the jewelry from Roberson’s.  I was lucky enough to be invited to attend this event as their special guest–so I got to see the jewelry store itself as well as experience this first-of-its-kind event.  

Roberson’s Fine Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry store where for over 30 years they’ve brought together jewelry from around the world to small-town, Middle America.  You won’t find another store like this! Designers like Stephen Webster, Roberto Coin, Armenta, Gumuchian, Erica Courtney, Jude Frances, Arman Sarkisyan, Penny Preville, Lana Jewelry, Suzy Landa, Monica Rich Kosann, Gurhan, and more are represented in this global round-up.  The open-concept store is decorated by store owner herself, Trish Roberson, who has an interior design background. I’m in love with the Greek and Roman head sculptures that set off the vibe of this jewel sanctuary.  The modern pendant lights which hang down onto different cases add to the feel for Roberson’s main objective as a store, which is to “Build a fashion-forward, brand conscious jewelry store known for service. Build a brand that is shaped by our guiding principles. Create a work environment where people are challenged to achieve higher greatness on a daily basis. Positively impact the lives of everyone involved.”

I had so much fun trying on jewelry with Julie Maddox, who lives and breathes gorgeous jewelry paired with customer service. I love Roberson’s selection–especially the pieces that were specifically chosen from each designer featured in their store.  The rings they have available from Arman Sarkisyan are some of my favorite from the designer (seen above). I also felt their selection of Penny Preville and Gumuchian jewelry paired and played off one another really well.  I think it is awesome when mixing and matching of several designers happens, and so does Roberson’s.  Jude Frances and Armenta are lines that do really well for this jewelry store and they make note of what their customers are saying, thinking and feeling.  You know you’re doing something right when you listen to your customers!  It was also such a treat to meet designer Suzy Landa who was at the event as well with all of her amazing gemstone-centered designs. Gemstones can speak volumes, and Suzy Landa gets it!  

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Roberson's Red Carpet
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What is it you notice, a red carpet?!  Yes, it isn’t everyday that a jewelry store puts together an event that incorporates making their clients feel like a movie star, but this is exactly what Roberson’s had in mind! Julie says, “We strive to offer our customers access to the most coveted jewelry from across the globe. We are forward thinking and innovative, and it is our mission to search out and bring the international trends to our local market.” Vice President, Julie Maddox continues, “Our customers want to know what’s happening, before it’s happening, and we are their resource. This elegant and exciting trend-focused fete was an opportunity for our clients to learn and and experience the trends in an intimate and interactive way.”

The private event featured small group trend forecast discussions where customers explored how the ‘boomer’ and ‘millennial’ generations interpret and adapt trends to their own personal style. With the use of visual props, model photography and the Trend Book produced by TRENDVISION + Forecasting, an independent international research observatory, the four major trends included: Airy Perspective – The Essentialist, Dramatic Poetry – The Romantic, Global Delights – The Exoticist and Digital East – The Digitalist. Nancy Robey and Jen C. Williams brought their expertise to the event and also gave customers the opportunity to ask questions about the trends, try on jewelry and ultimately purchase the on-trend designs.

Customers arrived at scheduled times throughout the day and walked the red-carpet outside of the store, posed for photos on the step and repeat, and later took photos of their jewelry-adorned hands on the “Jewel-Cam” – a mani-cam like the one seen on “E! Entertainment” during award shows. There were giveaways, specialty cocktails and light bites, along with fun to be had–even jewelry to be purchased, which was a perfect opportunity for people to see some exclusive pieces that were flown in by designers just for the event! Many of these pieces will be at the store until the end of this week–so stop by if you are in the Little Rock area!

I had an amazing time visiting Roberson’s Fine Jewelry and attending their Trend Event! It was awesome to see such a fun-loving group of people who share a common passion–jewelry! It is no wonder they have an award-winning store and team, and are doing big things. Thanks for having me!


Visit Roberson’s Fine Jewelry website.

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