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What goes into creating a custom ring?

Having Gem Gossip as an resource, an outlet, and a place to share ideas about jewelry has been so enjoyable for me.  One of the best parts is getting to meet some amazing designers and incredibly talented people!  Case in point, Richard–who has a deep interest and love for designing and fabricating jewelry; he calls his designs Fish Head Jewelry.  He works out of a small studio where he often cuts his own gemstones himself.  


In today’s world we live in, everything is retreating more and more away from the kind of work Richard does on a daily basis.  Machines and technology continue to replace hands, sweat and time.  This is why I have so much appreciation and respect for designers like Richard who feel it is important to preserve past techniques and be inspired by history.  


So what goes into creating a custom ring? Richard is making a beautiful vintage-inspired ring for me and has updated me on the progress.  Let’s see what he has done and wait in anticipation for the final outcome!

step1 step2 step3

Next the ring has to be made into a rubber mold, a cast has to be made from that mold, then cast in 14k yellow gold!


>>Check out Richard’s other designs, if you love sterling silver his rings are well-priced and have amazing craftsmanship.