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Vintage Motif: Elongated Rings


I think I’ve already declared my love/obsession for antique, elongated rings before. However, I’m going to say it again–and with it, some new finds I’ve found that have helped foster my obsession. The Art Deco diamond and sapphire ones are my favorite–I could wear six at once…really.


This platinum, diamond and sapphire ring from the 1920s is gorgeous. Exactly what I think of when describing this vintage motif. It is approximately one carat of diamonds and natural sapphires that are calibre cut. From Adin, price: $5800


Also from Adin is this little Edwardian ring featuring rubies, diamonds and pearls. It is done in platinum and 18k gold, like most Edwardian rings, and may be of Belgian origin. Price: $2100


This incredible ring from Lang Antiques features a cabochon cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The center sapphire is 3.40 carats with about a half carat total weight of diamonds. From the early 1900s, this ring is priced at $5950


Love this lozenge shaped Kunzite ring, thought to be from the 1940s, during which Victorian jewelry came back into vogue. The blue you see is enameling, with rose cut diamonds. From Lang Antiques, price: $3450


Such an exquisite ring from the Art Deco era, featuring a fiery Opal, seed pearls and black/green enameling. It is in such good shape–especially having all those seed pearls in tact and all original! From Lang Antiques, price $3350