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Mother’s Day Jewels: All About Customization

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With Mother’s Day looming, it may be high time to choose a gift for your Moma.  Being sentimental is what it’s all about–but a one-stop-shop to your local jewelry store, and special ordering a birthstone ring is not what I’m talking about.  There is a difference between a “special order” and “customized order” which we are clearly seeing in the neat and unique jewelry that you can customize online.  Gemvara and Luna & Stella have awesome options that will leave your mother speechless as she unwraps a necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet that was created with only her in mind.


Luna & Stella offers a wide range of different pieces of jewelry to customize with birthstones. The necklaces are perfect if you have a mother that loves wearing something sentimental around her neck. And if you are unsure of her ring size, earrings or a necklace is a good choice. The stacker rings are for the mom that stays on top of trends and what is unique about them is they have a crescent shaped bezel. The Crescent Moon Stacking Birthstone Rings are designed to be mixed, matched and added to over time.

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Gemvara has dominated customizable jewelry since 2010 and continues to add new designers who bring designs that are easily enjoyed. Take for example the rings above–just by tweaking the gemstones and metal color/type you can create a whole new feel to each piece. Check out their hundreds of designs and see if you can pick out something that truly reflects your mother for Mother’s Day!