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Updates from Arrow & Anchor Antiques

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The mystery, the hunt, the allure, the beauty. This is what antique jewelry is all about and it is our passion. Yearning to share our fun finds has led us to create Arrow & Anchor Antiques–a mini museum where the items on display are actually for sale! We’ve added several new pieces to the inventory from our summer travels, and have one more road trip planned!  Above are some shots of us playing with pieces that are a mix of rings for sale and rings from our personal collection.  Most should be on the Arrow & Anchor Antiques website–but if you see any that are not, shoot us an email and we will be on the lookout for a similar style, picked just for you!  Make sure to follow on Instagram as well.  Many times, a ring will debut on Instagram and never make it into the shop!

>>email: arrowandanchor615@gmail.com