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Trend Spotting: Lucky Horse Shoe Jewels

I’m not sure if it is the abundance of horses and farms here in Nashville, or spotting a few celebrities wearing horse shoe jewelry--but I am loving this motif.  Horse shoes actually have been around for many years, as they are seen in many pieces of antique jewelry (a few great examples are below).  Theories of where the “good luck” folklore originated date back to the year 959 AD!  Whether you believe it to be good luck or not, one thing is for sure–if you are a jewelry lover you need a piece in your collection which features this timeless motif.


A great pair of horse shoe earrings that feature diamonds from Ross-Simons. They are done in 14k white gold and would look good alone or with other earrings if you have multiple piercings. I like how the description says “good luck will be galloping your way.” Price: $206


Such a bold ring that could be anyone’s statement piece. The horse shoe features rubies and diamonds done in 18k yellow gold. This ring dates back to the Edwardian Era and is priced at $1550, from Israel Rose.


Excalibur Jewelry has some amazing finds featured on 1stdibs. This horse shoe brooch is no different, all done in platinum and 18k gold with sapphires and diamonds. I think it is funny that the brooch features 13 sapphires, which make up the “lucky” horse shoe. Price: $1950


If you want a small token of this trend, this pearl charm is just for you. It is from C.H.A.R.M. and is done in 14k yellow gold. This can easily be interchangeable on a necklace or bracelet, and is small enough to add to and layer with. Price: $200