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August 2009: Jewelry LookBook


“Lonely ghosts uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear. 

But so long, as he uttered it, in some obscure way the continuity was not broken.

It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage” (George Orwell).



This insane necklace resembles the one above, done in 18k blackened gold from ASSIL New York. Fancy to make a guess as to how many sapphires make up this piece? {answer: nine hundred twenty eight}


A diamond tennis bracelet perfects this look, this one here is similar. It has an Art Deco style to it with the graphic circles and open links of diamonds. In total, this bracelet features 3.5 carats of diamonds! It is from Israel Rose and is priced at $3450.


Featured on the right hand is a round cocktail style ring featuring turquoise. This one from Doyle & Doyle is very similar and is very gorgeous. Done in 18k yellow gold, it has a big, round citrine in the center with turquoise and a few diamonds. The twisted gold work on the shank is pretty–looks sort of like it creates the illusion of two serpents maybe? Price: $2400


Now we go to the left hand, a pinkie ring is a tough find. It has to look just right in order to be worn on the end like that. This ring is great for a pinkie ring–it is dainty yet unique. Sapphire rings from the 1920s are my favorite. From Erie Basin, which describes the side set diamonds as almost “wing-like” love that! Set in 18k yellow gold and priced at $425


Every antique jewelry collector has seen these single stone diamond rings before, and every one has to have at least one in their collection. Each is a bit different, with the filigree work and setting being unique in some way, this one being exactly that. The inspiration photo seems to be featuring one of these rings on the left hand, ring finger. This particular ring is from Lang Antiques and goes for $1395. Check out eBay for others very similar at a steal of a price. Opt for a smaller size in carat weight to make the ring even more affordable. This one is 0.3 carats.