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Treasure Trove Spotlight on Erie Basin

eriebasin Love this photo!, Erie BasinIf you can’t hop on over to Brooklyn, NYC anytime soon, the world wide web pulls through yet again bringing you Erie Basin’s hand-picked jewels on your computer. I love how the selection is always changing–an aspect you don’t often see with other antique shops’ online items. New arrivals are broadcasted live through twitter feeds, making it feel as if you’ve just arrived from a flea market in France with a find of a lifetime. I know I am always clicking to check out the latest, because the selection is always unique and fresh. If you want to as well, check out Erie Basin for yourself!

eriebasin2 1920s White Gold Bloodstone Signet, 1890s Opal Band, 1880s Pyrite Ring, 1910s 1.7ct Diamond Ring