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Treasure Chest: Gold Collectibles #LoveGold

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My “always on the hunt” attitude and constant treasure-patrol lifestyle has rubbed off onto my fiancé.  He luckily has what I like to call, the “collector spirit” where you at least have 3-10 things you collect at one time.  Through out our travels and mini-road trips, numerous antique pit stops and pawn shop raids, he has picked up a liking to antique sword stickpins and antique pocket knives.  His collection has been growing and with the addition of the 14k rose gold sword with Old Mine cut diamonds which I picked up for his birthday, we realized he had more than we thought!  I sat there going through boxes of estate jewelry with a dealer one morning at work, and spotted the sword.  The others have been collected through eBay, antique shops, pawn shops and jewelry stores.  The antique pocket knives are really cool too!  Most are 14k gold covers with three or four blades.  Detailing on the cases is endless–from monograms, to floral engravings, masculine lines or patterns…with most dating from early 1900s-1920s that we have collected.  Our “jackpot” spot for finding gold pocket knives was the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, GA.  

As a collector myself, I am curious–what do you collect??




All 10-18k yellow gold with diamonds, seed pearls, enamel, circa 1900s

Pocket Knives:

All 10-14k yellow or white gold, circa 1900-1920s

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