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Trademark Antiques: A Curated Collection of Fine Antique Jewelry

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Trademark Antiques, a truly unique online jewelry boutique run by a husband and wife duo, will instantly rekindle your passion for antique jewelry.  Their photography is incredibly sumptuous, with colorful vignettes featuring their latest finds.  And if that isn’t enough, their passion and story of how their company started will spark your interest.

Jessica and Jason started their careers on much different paths before coming together as a couple and later creating Trademark Antiques.  Jessica grew up around antiques and wasn’t shy about getting in on the action of an auction.  The beginning of her love for jewelry first started with her grandmother’s extensive costume jewelry collection.  Upon it being passed down to her, she remembers decorating her bedroom drapes with rhinestone brooches to keep her grandmother’s memory alive.

Jessica recalls, “When I met Jason in college, he immediately discovered my love for antiques and jewelry.  In fact, in our freshman college directory, I listed “antique collecting” among my hobbies.  During our early years as a couple, I took Jason to tag sales in search of unique treasures and jewelry.   We are both drawn to antique jewelry for its history, amazing craftsmanship, and our shared appreciation for gemstones.”

Trademark Antiques began in 2008 as a side project for the couple, who were both working full-time jobs in DC–Jessica worked as an attorney and legislative analyst preparing high-level government officials to testify before Congress and Jason was a chemical engineer for a major defense contractor. With the birth of their son, Jessica now calls Trademark Antiques her full-time gig, pouring every effort into sourcing new jewelry, researching, developing their social media channels and all while chasing around their son!  Jason does all the photography and is studying to get his gemology degree from GIA.

Traveling is one of Trademark Antiques’ favorite things to do, and searching for the best antique jewelry to bring to their customers is very important.  That is why anywhere from Maine to Florida, and everywhere in between are all game for the duo!  From antique malls, to estate and tag sales, to auctions, with a wish and hope to some day have a buying adventure in Europe.  Although having a two-year-old has limited their traveling schedule, the Brimfield show is always a must, along with making Jewelry Camp a yearly priority.  

Of course, every collector or antique seller has a story about coming across a “jackpot” of treasures. Trademark Antiques has their own story, and it starts in 2010 at an estate auction in central Pennsylvania. Jessica reminisces, “There were gigantic floor to ceiling oil paintings in large gold gilt frames, a dozen gold rolex watches, and the jewelry was unlike anything we had ever seen.  There was a gold purse by J.E. Caldwell accented with diamonds and sapphires, a large heart-shaped aquamarine ring with a crown of rubies, a gem-set dragonfly ring, a 2.7 carat pear shaped yellow diamond in a wide diamond encrusted mounting from the Art Deco era and countless other breathtaking pieces from the early 1900s.”  They purchased several pieces, one which was most memorable was a platinum and gold lizard bracelet with large old cut diamonds.  It was spectacular and sold way too quickly…they wish they could go back in time and keep that incredible piece!

Make sure to check out Trademark Antiques both on Etsy and Ruby Lane.  Their shop boasts some really cool pieces, both trendy and collectible.  I also love their prices–incredibly reasonable and they have something for every budget!!