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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2015

child_of_wild wilsonbrothersjewelry maejeanvintage theedencollective metiersf rosannepugliese elliemcnevin seaofshoes flashtattoos kentshire circa1700 thestepfordwife nikoskoulisjewels goodgirljewelry

child_of_wild makes having dark roots seem amazing

wilsonbrothersjewelry stacking up some new arrivals

maejeanvintage has such an amazing assortment of antique rings

theedencollective features some new gold locket selections mixed with some antique charms

metiersf proves that these three gems have a varied past, but truly belong together

rosannepugliese posing pretty in her brownstone shop, loving the starburst mirror and white brick

elliemcnevin mixes checks and charms whiling showing the versatility of a charm bracelet

seaofshoes shooting some photos in Ft. Worth, Texas…I love the colors mixed with vintage Southwestern jewelry

flashtattoos if you’re on a winter beach getaway, these are the perfect beach jewels

kentshire propping up an incredible late Georgian gemstone necklace, love the colors

circa1700 layering some love tokens I have a crush on…that bulldog!

thestepfordwife talking about summer beach bracelets has me lusting for warmer days

nikoskoulisjewels awesome V Collection with colored diamonds and emeralds

goodgirljewelry and her admirable crystal point garden, so dreamy!