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The September Issue: Ashley Olsen Jewelry Trendsetting

marie claire

Ashley Olsen graces the cover of the September issue of Marie Claire for 2009. If you’ve picked up your copy, as I have, you will get to read a great interview and see some amazing pictures. It is insightful to read how extremely effortless she makes her everyday clothing out to be–yet how crazily aware fashion gurus and fashion bloggers are about her. Ashley seems like a treasure hunter, like myself–describing a few pieces of jewelry and art as found in pawnshops in NYC and bazaars in Istanbul.


Caption of above picture: “TRENDSETTER: Always one step ahead of the fashion curve, Ashley wore her rings high on her fingers.” Below are two pieces that quite resemble what Ashley Olsen is wearing above. And yes, I too believe rings worn high on fingers will be popular.


If you already have a gold beaded, long chain you can give it a new twist by knotting it like so. If not, Karen Karch has designed this fluid, sparkly choice. This necklace is 50 inches long, and because it was hand-made, knotted between each bead, it can be styled, draped and twisted any way you want. Done in 18k yellow gold and priced at $9500.


Ashley Olsen wore a ring on the top portion of her finger–very unconventional and “so-her.” Sarah Davida is designing rings with this exact style in mind. Each is custom made to fit you, as well as personalized with words, initials or small sayings. I think the Olsen twins would fall in love with the Davida Cuff Ring, and you will too. You get a 10k yellow gold cuff ring for only $140-147 or a silver version for $42-49. Check out the website for ordering information.