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Designer Spotlight: Jessica McCormack

ringjmc “New York Night” 3.11 carat diamond ring, depicting the NY skyline
Jessica McCormack doesn’t take jewelry design lightly–she wants to designs pieces you will covet forever, and pass down through the years.  Sounds like a substantially serious objective for a jewelry designer, but when you see her work you will notice that this goal is easily reached.  Of course with a background like hers, you begin to understand how her talent emerged as well.  She spent much of her early life surrounded by antiques at her father’s auction house.  In her twenties she traveled around Asia and Europe, expanding her tastes.  




Each piece she designs has an enormous amount of thought and meaning behind it–a great example is her popular Wing of Desire, said to have been worn on the hat and sandals of Greek mythological being Hermes. Her work reinforces what I believe–that those who are self-taught, when it comes to jewelry design, are those who are least conventional and boring. Her jewelry sure pushes the line.



Jessica McCormack, The Salon  ♦ 32 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AU ♦

 +44 (0)20 7549 6700   ♦  by appointment only

jcc model wearing Wing of Desire earrings

{The photos I have chosen are from her Blog on her website, which has even more inspiring images.}