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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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When you think of Valentine’s Day, are flowers, chocolates and jewelry the things that come to mind?!  With everyone trying to find the perfect gift, I am loving Valentine’s Day-inspired jewels right now!  Whether it is hearts, or the word “Love” scripted in cursive, or red/pink gemstones–cupid jewels are hot and trendy.  So before you start to scribble out a poem or buy some corny roses, take it from me, these jewelry ideas are the way to go! 

Above are my personal favorites that I own and absolutely love:

two puffy heart rings in 14k yellow gold, opal, pearl and diamond from Elisa Solomon

14k yellow gold Square Milli Ring from Jennie Kwon Designs

14k yellow gold Love ring with pave diamonds from Sydney Evan Jewelry

And below are some of my favorite submissions to the Gem Gossip Valentine’s Day Inspired jewels!

from @hiill wearing Eva Fehren X ring, antique moostone ring, and Cathy Waterman Love ring

from @beppecallegari some gorgeous cupid-inspired arrow rings in rubies and diamonds

from @jenmeyerjewelry lots of lovey-dovey jewels that go so well together

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