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The Evidence of a Jewelry Addiction

DSCF0058 IMG_0473 DSCF2699


I realize these are not the greatest photos in terms of vividness and clarity, but I had to show everyone after having a quiet chuckle to myself over them. I have here concrete evidence of my jewelry addiction–with the first photo dating at 2009, I had just started working at the jewelry store that I work at now. Middle picture is 2011…you can see how much my collection has grown in just two years. And like everyone says, it IS hard to work at a jewelry store and not spend most of your paycheck there. Last picture is 2012 with almost all holes filled up. Crazy. And I don’t plan on stopping. Whether its more bands to stack, more serpent rings, more Victorian monogram rings, more Art Deco diamond rings, more unique designs by amazing designers…it will never be enough. And that’s why I love it!