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The Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry! #LoveGold


You either love or hate Valentine’s Day, I’ve learned this over the years–but I am here to change your thinking with these Valentine’s inspired jewels fit for anyone (no boyfriend necessary)! Jewelry design has often focused on love, being that jewelry is often given because of love.  Hearts, arrows, cupid…so many love-related motifs used in jewelry for centuries are still popular today.  Sometimes heart jewelry can be tacky and there is a fine line between cool and not cute.  Need help telling the difference?! These ten pieces of jewelry, all inspired by love, will help–these are the best Valentine’s Day jewels I could find! Some are brand new, created by current designers, with a few antique pieces in the group. Have others that you think are amazing–share with us by using the hashtag #ValentinesJewelry #LoveGold


18k yellow gold Love-Heart ring by Elisa Solomon

14k rose gold Lips ring by Kismet available at Jaimie Geller Jewelry

14k yellow gold Arrow ring set with diamonds by Phoenix Roze

18k yellow gold Skeleton Heart ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge

18k yellow gold Love Lock bracelet by Karen Karch

18k yellow gold diamond lapis inlay heart necklace by Jennifer Meyer available at Ylang23

18k yellow gold Aquamarine and diamond with enamel accents circa 1950s from Syosset Antiques via Ruby Lane

18k yellow gold Swinging Heart necklace by Jemma Wynne 

14k yellow gold sentimental birthstone Garland ring by Ariel Gordon Jewelry

14k yellow gold Arts & Crafts period amethyst heart ring from RMC Antiques via Ruby Lane



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