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The Antique Jewelry in the Movie: The Young Victoria


The Young Victoria has been a movie I’ve been anxiously awaiting to see, and I finally got to do so over this past weekend.  Queen Victoria was such a pioneer with her fashion and jewelry. She inspired many popular jewelry trends of the era, hence why we call the time period of 1835-1890, the Victorian Era! Her marriage and wedding to Albert portrays many attributes of the time–Victoria was presented with an engagement ring that featured a snake with an emerald-set head (birthstones rather than diamonds were used in engagement rings, and snakes were a symbol of eternal love). Her wedding dress featured a large sapphire and diamond brooch, which was given to her from Albert the day before their wedding. With the death of Albert some 20 years later, this tragic event influenced the world of jewelry. Having Queen Victoria constantly wearing black, Jet (a black gemstone) became extremely popular. An interesting fact that I learned from the movie is that Victoria managed to have nine children! Being sentimental as she was, she wore a bracelet made out of her children’s baby teeth! Talk about being a jewelry pioneer!

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