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Remixing Your Gold Wardrobe #LoveGold


Have you ever taken a shirt or a pair of pants–tweaked them in some way–and now you feel as if you have a whole new outfit?!  Doesn’t that feel awesome?  The idea of reinventing your wardrobe is so important these days.  But have you ever done this with your jewelry?  Remixing your gold jewelry wardrobe is essential!  Especially since the number of gold pieces in a single person’s collection is more limited than, let’s say, your shoe collection.  The price of a gold bracelet or a chunky gold necklace will most definitely cause you to reinvent it in more than one way, so you can wear it in a whole new way!

Looking back, I’ve noticed that I remixed and reinvented my gold jewelry wardrobe several times.  I’m hoping these examples will foster a slew of ideas, and you can share with me what you did! 

lovegold3 goldlive2 stickpinrings photo2

My Gold Reinventing Ideas:

  1. I took a pearl necklace and wrapped it around my wrist several times and transformed it into a unique bracelet!  I also took a brooch and wore it on the very top of where my buttons started on my blouse–different and fun!
  2. This photo takes that same idea of wrapping a necklace around your wrist, but shows how you can use just about any kind of necklace.  You could use thin chains, thick wheat chains, an old Victorian pocketwatch chain, beads or pearls.
  3. Pendants and charms are not solely confined to chains worn around your neck! Mix it up by using colored silk and tying a few charms, making bracelets.
  4. Old stickpins can be reinvented as rings by bending the stick part of the pin around in a circle, making it fit to your size!  
  5. I took this old, broken bracelet and had it made into a ring.  Broken parts can create one new piece! 

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