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Reinventing Gold Victorian Baby Rings #LoveGold

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One of the hottest trends right now in gold jewelry is the first-knuckle ring.  The trend started years ago but has finally hit mainstream and everyone wants one!  Jewelry designers are busy keeping up with the trend–but I have found a really great alternative to new pieces–Victorian baby rings!  Not only are they small so they fit odd sizes of your first knuckle, but they are intricate and hand-engraved.  They are special because each dates back to the late 1800s. Many of them are monogrammed or have a letter engraved which, if you are lucky, can represent someone special or be your initials!  

Over the weekend I hunted down some Victorian baby rings at Atlanta’s Scott Antique Market. Many dealers had piles of Victorian baby rings because they simply just don’t sell.  This is the perfect opportunity to go through a pile as a buyer and try on several, because the fit is key.  I have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the first knuckle rings can be. If a local flea market is not anywhere near you, another good source is eBay. Just type in “baby ring” and make sure to narrow your category down to Fine, Vintage & Antique Jewelry. Happy hunting!

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