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Press: VO+ magazine features Gem Gossip

V132_MZ-preview copy V132_MZ.pdf VO+ magazine, Italy’s own Vincenzaoro publication that goes hand-in-hand with the Internationally renowned gold show, has done a feature on Gem Gossip, which I was excited to share my views on the jewelry world, from my point of view!

The best part about my first piece of International press is that it is in Italian, which my grandma will be so proud of! Can’t wait to get her a copy!

In the meantime, here is my article that I wrote and you can also read it on Issuu below:

I like to think that my love for jewelry has been eminent since I could remember. At age four, I was begging my mom to take me to get my ears pierced, with a secret wish list of different earrings I would buy once my ears healed. When six years ago I’ve started my blog, I would feature things that were on my wish list, like eternity bands, and show examples of some of my favorites. Antique jewelry was a budding obsession for me, so at first my posts were simple with learning the basics of collecting antique pieces, their value and authenticity, with a general draw towards Art Deco filigree rings and lots of old cut diamonds. Today antique jewelry is a huge topic in my life and on my blog, personally I am constantly on “the hunt” for my next big find traveling across the USA and even overseas to London. Visiting antique jewelry stores and getting an inside look is a side I love sharing with my readers. Last year, I ventured to London and went on an antique jewelry treasure hunt with two other collectors. Readers love connecting with me over my personal finds and many have gone to the same places I went to, solely because of my blog. There are so many aspects of antique jewelry that I love and adore, and with my taste continually changing, I have come to collect some extremely specific kinds of rings. Victorian jewelry in particular is very romantic and sentimental, garnering lots of attention from collectors and myself alike. I think antique jewelry has exponentially grown in the past few years in terms of popularity, with so much more of a demand for one-of-a-kind items. An area that is benefiting from this boom is jewelry auction houses. These auction houses span the globe, and I enjoy treasure hunting by browsing their catalogs. Some of my favorite jewelry designers currently are HOORSENBUHS, Andrea Fohrman, Holly Dyment, Arik Kastan, and Elisa Solomon. I love discovering new, up-and-coming designers, like Amanda Hunt, Communion by Joy, and Kimberlin Brown. Sometimes Gem Gossip is the home of the first piece of press for jewelry designers just starting out, and I am happy to spread the news of their talent.