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Obsession: Yellow Gold & Turquoise

ringsoftheday download_asset-13_large Curved-Triangle-Tur-Ring1 Single-Band-Moon-and-Stars-Ring-front WB Zig-Zag-Turquoise-Ring-Front-View

I love turquoise–the color, and the gemstone; I even have a bright turquoise chest of drawers in my bedroom. When it is paired with the buttery, golden hue of yellow gold it is even better. The bold greenish blue color pops against yellow gold in such a good way. Above are my favorite picks of turquoise and gold rings right now.

{top to bottom:

a snapshot of my rings, with the turquoise and gold ring standing out above the rest

turquoise and 10k bow ring from Erica Weiner, price: $875

Mociun‘s curved triangle ring–the other half of Arrow & Anchor Antiques, Brooke, has this ring, Price: $534

Mociun‘s Moon & Stars ring on a single band, price: $734

Mociun‘s Turquoise & Triangles band with diamonds, price: $2277

Mociun‘s Zig Zag ring, special order