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Holiday Wish List 2012

xmas2012 Every year I take a few hours to write up a list of family and friends that I need to buy presents for for the holidays. Gift-giving is one of my favorite things to do, and I usually need to wait until the last minute to buy gifts, or else I will get too excited and give the gifts too early.

Of course every year, I like to make my own list of a few things I am wishing for…here is mine for this year. It is also fun to look back upon my past wish lists: here and here

1. I need a tall vase to go on top of my chest of drawers–I love the colors and style of this one

2. a new ring is always on any sort of list I make–I love this bypass style with Labradorite gemstones

3. I hate purses.  But every girl needs one and I get a new one each year–this year’s pick from Aldo

4. my Wedgwood collection is growing!  I collect black and white Wedgwood pieces–this one is awesome

5. GemOro diamond grading lamp for my mini-gemologist setup in my office.