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My Jewel Box: Victorian Serpent Ring

DSCF2841 DSCF2844 DSCF2845

I’ve been on a Victorian kick lately.  And we all know my obsession with serpent rings, so when this came walking through the door at work, I couldn’t help myself.  It actually came from an estate where an elderly woman’s son inherited everything–and he had loads of jewelry with no idea what to do with it all!  I got to work with him and sort out the costume from the fine jewelry.  As all that was happening he told me some awesome stories of his mother–like how some days she had absolutely no where to go, yet she would deck herself out in all her finest jewels, and hang around the house.  That is hilarious!  I’m glad to now own a piece from her estate and keep her tradition going!

{Above is the serpent ring, along with the others from my collection}