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My Jewel Box — Some New Favorite Rings

Just wanted to share a new “My Jewel Box” post with you all — some of these have been shared over on Instagram awhile back but never added over here!  I like having things archived here as opposed to Instagram, as I think my website is more organized with the categories, etc. As always, rings are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. I’m forever on the hunt for my next acquisition and although my focus isn’t particularly on finding a new personal piece all the time, I’ve gotten lucky with these new purchases.  Here are the details:

Gem Gossip

Right before the holidays I came across a gaudy aquamarine cluster brooch from the 1980s. Everything about it was awful except the gemstones, so I broke up the cluster into single aquamarines and reassembled them in a different way. I ended up making two rings and a pendant out of the one brooch. I loved this ring (above) so much that I decided to keep it for myself. I sold the ring and still have the pendant for sale if anyone is interested!

Gem Gossip

Last year as 2017 came to an end, I reflected on my “Top 3 Favorite Rings” I purchased in that same year. These ended up being my favorites from 2017 — first one being this turquoise and diamond cluster ring from the 1950s or 60s that I found at the Nashville Flea Market, the second one is this turquoise Native American ring, and the last is this black enamel and aquamarine ring that I bought myself for my 33rd birthday from Laurel Stearns. You can follow the hashtag I created for yearly favorites here — #GemGossiptop3


Here’s a fun shot of my dinner time rings after a long five days spent in Vegas for jewelry week! We were about to eat at one of my favorite restaurants Mizumi and I was so happy. I’m wearing my newest ring which I found at the antique show in Vegas–the opal boomerang-looking ring. I bought it from a dealer whose first time showing at Vegas was this year!

Gem Gossip

And lastly, wanted to share this photo since I love it so much, along with the rings I’m wearing in it. The black enamel twist ring with old cut diamonds is such a favorite — I got that one in Miami at this year’s antique show from Tenenbaum Jewelers.


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