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What I Got for Christmas 2018


With a little one on the way, I honestly didn’t want anything except baby stuff for Christmas this year. But with this holiday being so special…realizing it will be the last Christmas we spend “alone,” my sentimental self really wanted a piece of jewelry to commemorate this holiday. I’ve been a huge fan of Rachel Atherley Jewelry for awhile since discovering her work on Instagram. Her stingray pendants always spoke to me when she posted them. As the holidays approached, I messaged Rachel and was able to pick out an opal from a few options she had. I think it is obvious why I chose opal–it has been my favorite gemstone since getting married in October a few years ago. This gift was not a surprise at all, but it actually felt like it was since Rachel never sent me photos once it was complete and when it came in the mail, we put it directly under the tree!  That made it even more special!  I absolutely love the pendant and will treasure it forever.

My husband is very adamant about the gifts he buys being his idea, something he picks out and really enjoys finding gifts for people. So although he understands why I like picking out something I want for Christmas…or birthday…or anniversary…he also likes to add a small gift that he picks out himself. This year he got me a tiny vintage arrow baby ring (shown on my pinky above). He found it on eBay and I was so surprised! Such a cool find and it actually fit me. He’s good 😉

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season — excited to get back to blogging more regularly in the New Year and planning some new, fun projects. I’ll be browsing the hashtag #gemgossipxmas for the remainder of the day and peeping everyone’s holiday gifts 🙂