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My Jewel Box: Old Pendants, New Rings

pendants pendantring style jewelry

With spring in the air, many people are spring cleaning!  I love this concept–both for my home and other specific parts of my life.  This year I honed-in on spring cleaning my jewelry box.  I took a look at what I wore most and why.  I focused also on what I didn’t wear and decided what I could do about those pieces. First up were these two pendants (above).  I purchased these about ten years ago when I was obsessed with Jewelry Television.  I would spend hours looking through the JTV website! The pendants are cute, genuine gold with commercial quality gemstones and not worth scraping for gold.  I don’t wear too many necklaces, so I decided to transform them into rings since I love rings so much.  What do you think?

Another way I spring cleaned my jewelry box is by actually wearing some pieces in different ways.  I have several antique brooches and found that a drapey shirt can be given a whole new look and feel by cinching it with a gold pin.