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My Jewel Box: My Finds from Tucson + Miami 2018

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I haven’t done a “My Jewel Box” post in awhile! I always like to share my finds from Tucson & Miami, and I feel like documenting them in blog posts is somewhat more significant than an Instagram post. In Tucson, I was drawn to blue and green shades as I wanted to buy some loose stones to make some really special pieces. I can’t wait to get these down the pipeline–if only my jeweler had more time for my pieces rather than sizings I have to do for people who have purchased things! My personal jewelry finds feature two rings from Tucson, one from Miami, and one from out of the suitcase of my friend Abby (@nomadgold) who stayed with me in Tucson (because we always have to make time to talk and trade jewels).

The first all-diamond ring that I found in Tucson happened while at AGTA within the first 15 minutes of being there! Period Jewels was set up at the show and I had never seen them at other shows I’ve been to, so I immediately was interested in what they had. This ring caught my attention right away and was a no-brainer for me. I at first was going to sell it, but then once I got home, I started to love the design of it and couldn’t bare parting with it.

The second ring I brought home with me from Tucson is by far one of my favorite finds ever. Again, it was from AGTA from a seller named Efim Gilin Vintage Jewelry and he had a packed booth when I first walked up. I did a quick glance over the case and my eye was immediately drawn to the ring, which was sandwiched amongst lots of other rings in a big tray. I thought for sure it was missing some enamel or something was wrong with it, because how could it be sitting there with no interest. Sure enough, it was completely immaculate and had to be mine. I still can’t stop staring at this ring!

When I was in Miami, I honestly told myself I didn’t need to buy anything to keep because I had just found two of the most epic rings while in Tucson. But honestly, this ring found me! I bought it from Tenenbaum Jewelers out of Houston, TX who have some exciting things happening right now in terms of growth. I hope to make it down to their store soon, as a lot has changed since I last visited a few years ago! The infinity symbol in black enamel with the old cut diamonds made this piece extra special–now I just have to get it sized because it is super big! Can’t wait to wear it!

My last ring find fits a category I’ve been drawn to a lot lately–opaque gemstones. I love malachite and lapis, and to find a ring that features both stones in one unique design made me want it! I really enjoy catching up with my jewelry friends, especially Abby of Nomad Gold. She always brings a small stash for me to look through and this piece was the winner for me!

Lastly, I wanted to share my amethyst heart necklace that I got awhile back, because every time I wear it I get people asking about it, or anytime I post it people are disappointed to hear it’s not for sale. I actually found an exact match while in Miami, so that is currently for sale…and on top of that, I found a similar pendant in ametrine from Elements of Time. I think they make the perfect pair and I’m keeping both together.


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