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My Jewel Box: Karen Hsiang Lateral Ring #LoveGold

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I’ve added a new golden ring to my collection, creating what I like to call my FIVE GOLDEN RINGS. These are the five essential gold rings that I can mix and match with any others, whether they are new designer pieces or antique pieces, to create an amazing look! The newest is the Lateral ring from Karen Hsiang Jewelry. Just recently launched, Karen Hsiang has designed some unique rings that play off one another and are meant for stacking. She loves working with gold, saying:


“One of the reasons why I love gold is the connection I have to the metal. I come from a Chinese background so gold has always had a place in my heart. The first piece of jewelry you get as a Chinese baby is gold, so it just stuck with me throughout my life. I still have my baby jewelry which I’m thinking about stringing on a necklace. I also believe that gold is the most versatile and can take on many forms and breathe life into a design. The way gold looks and feels on ones body is incomparable to anything else. “

–Karen Hsiang


14k yellow gold vintage circles eternity band, from Walton’s Antique Jewelry

18k yellow gold HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring, from Barney’s

14k yellow gold Lateral ring, from Karen Hsiang Jewelry

14k yellow gold ring THREE, from Gem Gossip Jewelry 

14k yellow gold Anubis ring, from Arosha Taglia


>> Also pictured: a couple of ways I have stacked my new Karen Hsiang Lateral ring–so versatile!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold