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My Jewel Box: Christmas Gifts 2011

DSCF2528 DSCF2532 DSCF2526 DSCF2529

The holidays have come and gone, but the gifts remain and will continue to sparkle for years to come! I got some really awesome jewelry this year, thanks to a great workplace and Matt. I was surprised to get a huge, heavy box for Christmas–only to unwrap it and find all these jewels! I am hard to fool, but it worked!

>>If you received a beautiful piece of jewelry for Christmas, send me a photo at charitybracelet@gmail.com or on Twitter @gemgossip

Above jewelry:

  • 14k yellow gold vintage lion door knocker stud earrings with emerald eyes
  • 10k yellow gold 1940s “Add-a-pearl” necklace & 14k white gold diamond sideways cross necklace (I designed)
  • 14k yellow gold vintage graduated coral bead necklace
  • two gold charms–a tiger claw & gargoyle with diamond and ruby eyes