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My Jewel Box: Antoanetta Jewelry Black Diamond Claw Ring

Antoanetta Jewelry black diamond claw ring Gem Gossip Antoanetta Claw Ring Gem Gossip Antoanetta Jewelry Gem Gossip

I feel like every year I am on the hunt for the season’s coolest statement ring that will fit into my summer lifestyle–both sunshine-ready and indoor cool.  A ring that can be paired with lots of other styles of jewelry and look good with several different outfits.  Essentially, a ring that can be worn every day.  This year I found my summer statement ring just in time for the changing of the seasons, June 21st! It is done in 14k yellow gold and set with black diamonds, which give it somewhat of an even edgier look aside from its claw design.  The Claw Ring by Antoanetta Jewelry is said to be inspired by the inner seductive animal in all of us.  

Antoanetta was born and raised in Europe; currently resides in LA where she continues to design jewelry. Her first pieces of jewelry were bold and created for editorial shoots.  Celebrities and models of all sorts wore her designs in high fashion photoshoots and magazine spreads. Her designs then began to evolve and she turned her focus onto fine metals and precious stones, with some of her current favorites being rose gold and black diamonds. Her collection is diverse and appeals to every woman, no matter what your style or age. Most recently she was selected as one of the designers for Origin–Passion and Beliefs Fair in Vicenza, Italy as being part of the amazing platform Not Just A Label.  The fair took place this past May and combines the front-runners of fashion with the experts in Italian design.  It was an honor for her to showcase her work alongside such talent and a grand audience/press. 

Besides the Claw Ring (which comes in different metals and the choice of black or white diamonds), the Petite Rings section on her website holds a wide range of lust-worthy rings.  I have my heart set on the Polka Dot rings as well, they are so cool and would make a great addition to anyone’s stack!  The You and I rings are also really neat–there are two diamonds set facing each other in the design and you can choose to have them regularly set or inverted for a unique look.  The very back of the ring is slightly pointed, which makes it even more unusual.

Pictured next to the Antoanetta Claw Ring is my other purchase I made at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show–the purchase I hadn’t yet revealed!  It is one of my quickest purchases, as when you are looking while at a show like that you have to realize you need to make quick decisions!  You can’t put things on hold or on layaway (at least, not unless it is a rare circumstance).  So after looking through a few trays of rings from a dealer located out of Florida whom I’ve never seen before, I spotted this ring and tried it on.  As soon as I slipped it over my knuckle and I saw that it fit perfectly, you know my brain was all, “this is meant for me!”  Usually quick purchases like that are the ones you regret, but I still love this ring and I think I did good!!

For more designs by Antoanetta Jewelry, check out her website!